Ultimate Environmental Solutions now also provides solutions to improve your indoor air quality and help prevent further damage to your home.

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Air Purification Systems

Conventional filtration is effective against particulates, like dust, but has no effect on odors, volitile organic compounds, mold or germs. We offer a variety of air purification systems that work with your own HVAC system.

HVAC Probiotics

Environmental probiotics offer a novel approach to proactively address air quality concern. Probiotics are substances that long have been incorporated into a variety of foods and dietary supplements and lately have been incorporated into next-generation infection control systems. Environmental probiotics systems are designed to tap into a facility’s existing HVAC systems and air ducts for continuous and periodic cleaning. The systems are fully customizable and programmable and are available in various models for difference space sizes, from a small apartment to a skyscraper.

Home Dehumidifiers

Whole house dehumidifiers are a low-maintenance way to keep your entire home dry, healthy, and comfortable. Although high humidity is most often a problem in basements and crawl spaces, excess moisture can rise up and infiltrate your entire home. As a result, you might feel hot and sticky indoors, have pest problems, see mold and mildew growth, and possibly develop allergy symptoms. Whether it’s portable or connected inline with your HVAC system, a whole house dehumidifier helps you maintain a healthy humidity level throughout all the rooms in your home. Browse through our most recommended whole house dehumidifiers below.


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